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Varsha Gold , Golden Kardant , the high nutritional value product famous in North Karnataka which supplies nutrition derived from Cashew nut, Almond, Edible Gum, Marking nut, pistachio, Raisins coconut ,dates. The balanced combination of dry fruit quantity gives us very healthy supplement to all the ages of human kind and also sweet delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka state. Kardant is one of the special sweets from the small town Gokak from Belgaum district. The word Kardant has come with Kannada Language which means "fried & edible gum". The product is prepared from edible gum mixed with all above mentioned dry fruits and has mounth lingering taste with chewy texture. The other ingredients in this yummy sweet are fried gram flour, Jaggery.


The delicacies were a real hit with the local population and made it very close to sweet taste by adding Kolhapuri Jaggery. Healthiness and taste made over to prepare kardant Fried in pure ghee, kardant is a unique and flavourful combination of jaggery, raisins, cashew nuts, almonds, kaarika (dried dates), coconut, peanuts, nutmeg and other such dried fruits and spices.

Varsha Kardants are a sweet delicacy which can be savored by any age of human being anytime. The Kardant being local product is always the diet practices in Karnataka and Maharashtra. It is also given to adolescent children to complete nutritional deficiency. Believed to build strong bones and increase blood circulation,


Health Benefits of Kardant

  1. It has high Nutritional value remove various deficiency of body.
  2. It has High protein and Vitamin values,
  3. It is High in Iron.
  4. It has high Fibre content.
  5. It is a great source of nutrition especially for teenage girls to build strong bones and increase blood circulation.
  6. It useful for children and adult for to develop in all the ways.
  7. It is good for pregnant women and new mothers.
  8. It is also good for sportspersons and wrestlers.

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